Olivia Penpraze

Olivia Penpraze had 2 lives. A smiling, charismatic, lively girl by day, and an inspiration to many, privilege to her unfortunate battles told online, as she promoted hope in the midst of her struggles. Olivia having been bullied for nearly half her life, causing mental illness, that would eventually lead to the world losing an angel too young.

Olivia smile

As she said in her video telling her life story, she hid all her dark thoughts behind a smile during the day, only to share them online in a video diary. Though suffering, she was an inspiration to those following her diaries. Unfortunately it also attracted cyber bullies that took a toll on her self-esteem.

She died April 3rd 2012 as her parents made the heart wrenching decision to turn off her life support after she was pronounced brain dead from a suicide attempt.

This website is here to pay our respects to Olivia, whose story touched our hearts, but also to ensure no more angels are lost to bullying again.